Senin, 31 Mei 2010

You and I by Anarbor

We have a secret. When we got boring waitin' "our daddy" back home, we played our favorite song, You and I by Anarbor, this song was Scooby Doo's soundtrack and my kids and I loves this song so much.And pretended that three of us a "famous rock band", I was a vocalist. Atung, my son was a guitarist and Nisa was a basist. Screw pus, Icha's doll as a drummer. We Jumped on the bed and sang, and laugh together. It was great combination ;) the rock n' roll mommy and the kids. I loved that time, that moment. We felt so happy together.It was really-really cool moment, eventhough it was a bit weird...he...he...but I thought sometimes we needed a break and open our mask and be your self,release your soul, beib! Forever young, once together, we can make it.....we can make it better!

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  1. Like you said: " our mask and be your self, release your soul..."

    No doubt that childishness still exist within us. Release it freely and feel the true joy.

  2. So, a son and two daughter ?? What a great mother and a great family too...

    Senang bisa mampir di blog ini .. Salam Kenal..

  3. Thank you Tikno and ndha salam kenal juga yaa


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